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Most small businesses are stuck. Either too buried in their business to think about how to grow it, or caught in a cycle of throwing money at this tactic or that, hoping something will work. This is not how winning companies operate.

My approach is different. Good marketing execution starts with informed strategy. And informed strategy relies on market insights and a deep understanding of your customer. 

There's no shortcutting this reality. 

I leverage the same strategic marketing competencies and best-practices of top global brands and consultancies, adapted and streamlined for small businesses.


Informed Strategy + Quality Execution = Success


There are a thousand ways to fail at marketing. Most of them are related to lack of, or misinformed, strategy. 

Effective marketing strategy starts with a deep understanding of your customers’ needs.

In my experience, the most important element of strategy formulation is understanding how to interpret data and turn it into actionable insights.  


Photo Credit: ms.akr

Photo Credit: ms.akr

Even good strategies can fail if execution is lacking. 

Good marketing execution maximizes conversion through your sales funnel.

By some estimates we're exposed to over 3000 advertising messages every day. Your communications need to be interesting and credible to cut through the clutter. Uninspired creative, mundane content, ineffective calls to action...are all a waste of resources.


What's your end game? Sell in 5 years? Get acquired? Go public?

Begin with the end in mind.
— Steven Covey

Staying focused on the goal helps us move from dependence to independence. 

The same is true, of course, in business.

The best way to reach your long term goals is to have a plan to reach them, and then relentlessly measure progress. 

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